Plastic Free July +

It’s brilliant that there is a month dedicated to being plastic free, but why stop there?

Okay so the likelihood is, that if you’re reading this it’s because you are keen to reduce your plastic consumption which is awesome and we are here for it! It is not new information that we are living in a plastic crisis and consumption is at such absurd levels it sometimes can feel like there is no hope of ever solving this problem but that couldn’t be more false. Every single action we individually take big or small can really make a difference so here are some top tips on how to reduce your plastic consumption and live more plastic free in July and beyond!

Plastic free.png

Toothbrush & Toothpaste

A staggering One billion plastic toothbrushes are thrown away every year in the United States and a simple swap to either an electric tooshbrush with recycable heads or a bamboo toothbrush can make such a difference! Not surprisingly the amount of toothpaste tubes and lids almost double in waste compared with toothbrushes themselves and I personally collected 4 toothpaste caps during a short beach-clean last year in Devon so have experienced this problem first hand. A super simple switch is to opt for natural toothpaste in class or a stick. A favourite for us here at SOS are the toothpaste tablets at Georganic.


Similar to toothpaste, deodorant is an everyday essential every single one of us (if you’re clean and hygienic) use every day and you can imagine the vast amount of plastic waste as a result. There are some amazing plastic free and natural alternatives that are not only kinder to your skin but also to the planet so it’s a win win. We absolutely love Wild who have a reusable applicator and subscription service and not forgetting some lovely scents.

Reusable containers & pint glasses

Now admittedly this is tiny weeny bit more effort than just buying a sustainable alternative BUT it is worth so much and can make such a big difference. Reusable food containers are perfect for both lunches on the go but also to have with you when wanting to buy lunch out from perhaps a salad bar or street food vendor. More and more frequently these types of places are happy to fill your own container which eliminates that awkward moment when you are handed a plastic container and riddled with guilt. Some of our favourites are sold at both Plastic Freedom and One Green Bottle.

Now onto pint glasses… pre lockdown I know I personally was getting incredibly frustrated and upset by the amount of plastic disposable cups bars and pubs had opted to use. Largely this was during sporting events or if they had a garden area and did not want to risk broken glass. THIS IS NOT GOOD as millions of plastic cups both from festivals and pubs/bars are thrown away every single year making their way into our oceans and an amazing simple switch to avoid this is to take your own reusable pint cup! Where saving the planet is concerned we have no shame and love the pint glasses you can buy here.

Cleaning Brushes and Sponges

Our final simple switch as we are assuming you have already nailed the reusable shopping bags and coffee cups is eco-friendly plastic free washing up tools. As with most single use plastic items, cleaning products have a very short life and most households go through 2-3 plastic sponges a month sometimes even more! These sponges easily break up into micro plastics, not to mention the amount of bad bacteria that sits in them and spread across your counter tops. A simple switch to plastic free alternatives are easy and you can find multiple brushes and sponges here!

Shop local

As always when you shop local, you support your local community. You also get the chance to tap into local knowledge and can generally expect better service from people who care about what they’re selling. And it’s often better for the environment.

Basically, the ‘shop local’ rules that apply to sourdough apply to pretty much all plastic free alternatives. We love Plastic Freedom which has a vast range of products and who are based in the UK.

October 09, 2020 — Bronte Simm