Meet the founder: YOM Retreats
I am so excited to share that we recently caught up with Alex the founder of YOM retreats to discuss all things yoga, wellbeing, retreats and top tips on how to reset when it can all get a little too much. 

Alex Pearce



Go to Yoga Style:

My favourite style of yoga is restorative because my life is just so active and this style brings balance to my life. I also love pigeon pose (all the variations!)

Favourite SOS Product:

Minke sports bra, it's the most comfortable and supportive sports bra I have ever worn and I have tried a fair few over the years.

When you aren't on the mat where can we find you:

Usually out running on the trials being surrounded by nature. 


What is YOM.?

YOM (Yoga, Oceans and Mountains) is a retreat and balanced lifestyle company that brings like minded adventurous and active souls together through the teachings of yoga and the great outdoors.

When did you start the brand?

I started the brand in January 2020, just as the pandemic hit, which has put a hold on our overseas retreats but has steered me into growing our online community, yoga on-demand platform and UK based retreats.

Why did you start YOM?

I started YOM as I saw a gap between those who loved to be active and in the outdoors but also needed the balancing aspect of yoga for both physical and mental well being, so we can healthy explore and push our limits for longer. It was also a way to connect adventurous people from all over the world who find joy in the natural world.

What does Yoga mean to you?

Yoga is a space filled with wisdom and knowledge that drawers us away from external distractions and expectations, a place where we are able to be our true self.

What are your top tips for a more active lifestyle?

Find what activity fills you with joy and the people who you love sharing it with, then you will make the time for it and have fun.

What makes a good practice and what are your top tips?

Dropping any expectation or judgement on your practice and embracing wherever your mind and body is in that moment.

What goals have you set yourself this year, if any?

I am at my happiest when physically challenging myself so this year I am aiming to complete an Iron Man and to take part in a trek throughout the Himalayas raising money for Millimetres to Mountains.

As part of our RESET we would love to know how you RESET?

I take time out in nature alone whether that be running skiing or biking and always find a moment to pause and meditate.

Can you share a little more about what to expect on a YOM Retreat?

On YOM retreats you can expect to experience lots of laughter whether that be on your mat or over a glass of wine, we believe in a balanced life and support you to leave our retreats in a state of equilibrium.

When is the next YOM retreat and where can we learn more?

On May 6th-8th 2022 our next YOM retreat takes place Arundel in the stunning Southdowns. Keep your eyes pealed for our mountain retreats as soon as travel becomes easier and safer.  



If you want to find out more about Alex and YOM. Check out her IG here and website here.

February 15, 2022 — Bronte Simm