Do you drink sustainably?
& no we don't mean are you drinking responsibly because we both know you already do this... ;) 
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It's pretty common to associate plastic cups and straws when drinking and these can often be a nightmare to avoid especially when you are travelling. TIP: I often learn how to say 'NO PLASTIC PLEASE' in the language of the country I am in when ordering at the bar in the hopes to avoid them as well as bringing my own reusables of-course. 


Have you ever wondered what happens before your tipple of choice enters your glass and what effects your alcohol consumption may be having on the environment? 

With Christmas round the corner there is only one way to entertain your (limited amount of) guests and that's with extra scrumptious wine! 
We had a chat with our friends over at Sea Change Wine to find out more about this and what they are doing as a local business to help reduce the impact our drinking habits have on our planet! - Interview below:

How would you best describe Sea Change in a couple of sentences?

We are passionate about two things: protecting our oceans from plastic pollution and great tasting wine. Every bottle of Sea Change helps fund ocean conservation projects across the globe and our minimal packaging reduces waste and environmental impact.

What is the story behind how Sea Change was founded and where are you based?

Sea Change began as a conversation in 2018 with a customer who is based on the coast of British Columbia, Canada. The issue of plastic pollution in our oceans was becoming bigger and bigger and we started thinking about what we could do to take action. The conversation continued back in our Effingham (Surrey) office and Sea Change was born.

What is your mission as a business?

We created Sea Change as a way to do ‘our bit’ in the wine industry and we hope in time it will encourage change. Turning the tide on the juggernaut that is plastic pollution is only going to happen if we all make changes, even small ones, and we want Sea Change to be a way in which the wine you choose can play a role.


Most people wouldn’t think of glass bottles of wine to be that damaging to the environment. What do you guys focus on at Sea Change to ensure you limit the harmful impact your products have to our planet?

We have stripped back the ‘normal’ wine packaging by removing the unnecessary plastic wrap around the cork and choosing renewable cork closures. The materials for our labels come from certified sustainable forests (FSC) and are in part made from grape waste. Our Provence Rosé has a biodegradable cellulose label, a first for wine! We’ve also used lighter weight bottles where possible to reduce the weight for shipping and the amount of glass used.

What else does the business do aside from plastic free packaging that makes buying from Sea Change a more sustainable option?

For every bottle sold, a donation goes to ocean conservation charities. In the UK, this is Plastic Oceans UK and Sea-Changers. We’ve raised in excess of €60,000 so far which we’re really proud of. Plastic Oceans UK is our global charity partner, however we also partner with a local charity depending on where you purchase Sea Change. For example, if you purchase in Canada, a donation is made to Ocean Wise. They are based at the Vancouver Aquarium, with a mission to inspire the global community to become Ocean Wise by increasing understanding, wonder and appreciation for our oceans.

Where are your wines sourced and how is this ethical and conscious?

We have several winery partners in France and Italy, which are chosen based on their sustainability credentials and the quality of their wines. A common theme amongst them is a fusion of traditional and modern techniques to reduce waste and increase efficiency.

For example, our Whale label range comes from the wonderful Chateau Canet, who work under the protocol of ‘Terra Vitis’, an organisation which limits the impact on the environment by regulating procedures both outside in the vineyard and inside where the wine making happens. An example of one of their techniques is to release butterfly pheromones in the vineyard to discourage the very destructive Eudimis butterfly, a great alternative to pesticides.

In Southern Italy, our winery partner focuses on sustainable use of resources in their production processes, and promoting alternative uses for waste. They also advocate for the conservation of water wherever possible. Due to Puglia having a hot climate and vineyards requiring irrigation at times, they have invested in technology to monitor in minute detail the weather forecasts and moisture levels in the vineyards, combined with short-term and flexible irrigation planning, they are able to greatly reduce water waste.

Where can we buy Sea Change Wine?

We have an online shop on our website: or it’s worth checking our stockists page for local stockists:

What is your favourite Sea Change Wine?

That’s a difficult question and it changes based on what I’m eating and the weather. With us rapidly heading into winter, I’d grab a Negroamaro. It’s not a very well-known grape in the UK, but it should be! It’s a super fruity red, which pairs great with pizza and pasta…which I’m also a huge fan of! However if it’s sunny, it’s got to be the Provence Rosé.

What do you hope for the future of Sea Change?

The goal for Sea Change is very simple; to continue helping protect our oceans from plastic pollution. We hope to inspire change within the wine industry, but also help to make consumers aware of how their choices have an impact. To sustain our environment for future generations we all need to look at our current consumption choices and Sea Change gives people the opportunity to choose (and enjoy!) wine that does this.

Tell us a fun fact about the business!

One of the great things about us being a small business is that, once a year, we go on a company trip, often to visit one of our winery partners. We’ve been lucky enough to have visits to Italy, France and Spain in recent years. Last year we went to Verona and one of the highlights was a re-enactment of a colleague’s proposal to his wife in front of the Verona Arena!

So there you have it! What an achievement and a brilliant business helping us drink more consciously.

We can not wait to place another order with them! I fell in love with the Provence Rosé this summer and couldn't recommend more!

October 28, 2020 — Bronte Simm