Our Story

"If you give nature a chance, it recovers" - David Attenborough

When starting SOS Activewear I wanted to create a community and a brand that was honest, reliable and transparent about its ethical and sustainable practises. I wanted to be able to share these efforts effectively and clearly to you all and provide you with an activewear brand that contributes to a healthier you and planet.

Too often we are bombarded with false messaging and green promises without substance which makes for living more consciously and consuming more sustainably a real minefield. 

I've made it my mission to offer a reliable, premium activewear brand to anyone and everyone that is looking to make their wardrobe more conscious without sacrificing style, functionality or quality. SOS products are made to fill you with confidence, power any workout and support you and the planet simultaneously.   

Our Mission

It's simple, we want to accelerate the adoption of slow and recycled fashion by creating durable, stylish and premium activewear from fabrics and processes that give our planet a chance to breath again without sacrificing performance.

Our Products

Our products have been designed to empower any workout, fill you with confidence and drive change.  We focus on timeless designs, reliability and functionality to push your training forward with every wear.

Our Promise

It’s our responsibility to leave the world in a cleaner, more enjoyable and thriving state. Nature is incredible, our bodies are incredible and together we can change what the future looks like and encourage others to do the same.

Hi, my names Bronte...

I am the founder of SOS Activewear which I started in 2018 from my flat in Wandsworth with the hopes of creating a brand and community of people that care for our planet and fitness unanimously. 

Still in its infancy, SOS is a small brand on a big mission to help the planet recover from our plastic crisis and overconsumption. By creating sustainable, reliable and functional activewear without cutting any corners, I hope to offer an alternative to fast gym-wear brands whilst maintaining premium quality, durability & style. 

It has been such an exciting journey so far and although each day has it's different challenges I am excited to see where this community travels.  You can follow my journey through the 'Founder Series' Blog and please help spread the word about us!

Welcome to the SOS Tribe!

How we turn ocean waste into activewear:

Our timeless activewear is made from ECONYL®, a fiber made from recycled fishing nets and other waste that would otherwise be discarded into oceans and landfills. By using this recycled material, we help clean our oceans, recycle that waste, and cut out the need for raw materials like crude oil, which are traditionally used in the production of nylon.

Step 1 - Ocean waste including fishing nets and old carpets are recovered from the seas by volunteer divers around the world before being sorted and cleaned to recover as much nylon as possible 

Step 2 - This nylon is then passed through a regeneration process by crushing it down into tiny pellets, melting it and drawing a yarn.

Step 3 - This yarn is then woven to create our fabrics with the goal being that this nylon can then be infinitely recycled. 

divers cutting free a turtle